Ramas Vivas in the Dominican Republic

History with Resurrection

Resurrection began to partner with Kristin Wolford and her ministry in the Dominican after a community wide event to pack food packs in 2012. After participating, Kristin and Pastor Jedidiah were talking about the things God is doing in the Dominican and she invited him to come and witness for himself. Five weeks later, Resurrection’s first group of missionaries traveled to the Caribbean. This group was mostly staff and ministry directors. Since this first group, we have sent over five teams down to the Dominican to serve alongside Kristin in her ministry.

The mission

Ramas Vivas is growing and setting people on fire with the Holy Spirit in the Dominican Republic. Kristin works with a group of young men and women ranging from age 15 to 24. These young people are believers and wanting to help spread the Gospel. The desire to grow this group has led to the realization that a sustainable income source needs to be developed. Following this realization, the dream to create a water filtration system was born. Kristin and her Board of Directors have started developing and working with the Dominican Republic government to start a  filtration system to sell water to the community of Consuelo.
Following this dream, the land has been purchased and plans are in the making. Once this system is up and running, it will generate a sustainable income while also providing a service that is much needed in the Dominican communities.

Our support

Resurrection supports this ministry in prayer, financially, and with teams that travel to the Dominican to walk alongside Kristin and her team in ministry. Resurrection is always prayerfully considering how we can continue to support this missionary. Ramas Vivas is one of the organizations that Resurrection tithes to each month, giving money from our top 10% of income to support this mission project. Resurrection has also dedicated one month per year to have our Giving Bowl go towards this mission.

The trip

Resurrection strives to send a team of missionaries down to the Dominican once or twice a year. Each mission trip is different depending on the group that is participating. Resurrection makes sure to tailor each trip to the people who are going. If the group has an interest in building and painting, then physical acts of service will be the primary objective during the trip. If the group is primarily people with a passion in the medical or interpersonal skill set, then we will generate opportunities for those gifts to benefit in the trip.
We have our trip attendees discuss their passions in the early meetings prior to the trip so we can create appropriate opportunities.
Previous trips have been six to eight days in length. Trip can include the following things: seeing the communities that the mission serves, meeting with the youth leaders, working on projects, prayer, relaxing, building relationships, and attending worship. Each trip always includes beach time and a time set aside to relax and enjoy the climate.

Join us

When | October 25-31, 2021
Opportunities | Complete working projects in the area
Cost | Under $2,000 (includes airfare and hotel)