9th Grade-12th Grade

Our High School students split into two groups. The 9th grade students focus on the difficult questions in their faith and dive deeper into the more difficult questions about Jesus and the world. This is our ALPHA series for them. Our 10th-12th graders spend time together developing meaningful friendships with peers in our Life Together program. We teach our students the impact they have in the world and in their community. In addition, students can join our Student Leadership Program to further their leadership skills and grow deeper in their faith.


All High School groups meet throughout the school year. There is general Wednesday night programming. Student Leaders meet on Sunday afternoons after worship.
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What to Expect – 9th Grade

Our 9th Grade students top off their Cross Training years by going through the Alpha Youth program. This program/series covers faith foundation questions such as: “Who is Jesus?”, “How and why do I pray?”, and “Who is the Holy Spirit?” These are questions that our youth are often already asking themselves. 
These students meet on Wednesday evenings beginning with dinner at 5:45 pm. They will then worship together with all 6th-12th grade students from 6:15 pm to 6:30 pm. Following worship, they will then break into their own space for Alpha from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm. Their small groups from Middle School stay consistent through 9th grade. 
In addition to that, we try to provide opportunities to meld the groups across genders as a slow transition to what our High School Life Together program is like. These opportunities include joining the 10th-12th graders in fun nights, service activities, lock-ins, and a yearly High School Retreat. There is also a special retreat each year for the 9th grade class.

What to Expect – 10th-12th Grade (Life Together)

We understand that High School is difficult. The goal of Life Together is to first develop relationships – personally with God and inter-personally with fellow friends and believers. 
Life Together meets each Wednesday night during the school year – as also through most of the summer. We begin with dinner at 5:45 pm with the Cross Training students. Dinner is followed with large group worship at 6:15 pm. Following worship, 10th-12th Graders will head out to the LifeHouse (the small building onsite) for discussion from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm. 
Discussion time always includes a variety of different Bible studies, special speakers, games, testimonies, and more. We cover topics from Identity & Purpose to Judgment to worship with God.
Throughout the year the High School students will participate in fun nights, service activities, lock-ins, and an annual High School Retreat.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a group for 10th-12th graders who are committed to leadership growth and Life Together programming. They meet weekly to help plan, organize, and run our weekly Life Together gatherings. These meetings are held each Sunday at 11:45 am in the LifeHouse. The team also meets for additional leadership training and fun events.

Affirming Your Faith (Confirmation)

At Resurrection, we want Affirmation to be a special time for our Cross Training/Life Together students, their families, and their community of faith. We host a Night of Faith Sharing and an Affirmation of Faith service in one weekend each fall.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not want our students to view Confirmation as a “graduation” from their faith journey, but rather as a celebration and a welcome into their young adult faith journey.
If your child is ready to Affirm their Faith and begin their next journey in their relationship with Jesus, please contact us for the next step at rlc@resurrection-mn.com.